Geelong Fitness is a great place to train for your physical and mental wellbeing.  I love the social connections I have made.

I feel accountable to the coaches and accountable to the crew who train there, to give my best.

It's an amazingly supportive environment, with so many different fitness and ability levels, that come together, to try to be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

My favourite classes are definitely the Conditioning classes and I can honestly say, we've never done the same class twice.

The coaches have a brilliant ability to change up class formats and structures, to keep us guessing.

My kids also attend Ninja classes and they really enjoy challenging themselves and their bodies, in ways that traditional 'sport' does not.

I've been at gyms since my early teens - Geelong Fitness just gives something that mainstream gyms cannot.

The friendship, the culture, the social connections, the class variations and Jase and Kaz coming up with new, innovative ways to keep us engaged.  Come join us

Brooke Connolly

I've been training with Coach Jase and the team at Geelong Fitness for 6 years now, and it's no secret why. I find the trainers to be professional, supportive, motivating, industry knowledgeable and friendly.

Geelong Fitness " isn't your ordinary Gym. When you walk through the doors, you're not just another member. You become a valuable source of inspiration to the people around you.

It radiates a positive attitude, which becomes contagious. When you see the smiles, hear the cheers, it's hard not to train with purpose, give your all and feed off the good vibe energy.

Offering a variety of classes such as; Conditioning (my favorite) HIIT, Strength,  Outdoor Training, Spin Cycling, Boxing Fitness, Online Challenges, Coach Jase Specials (always unique and fun) and many more. Having so many options is refreshing and gives you the chance to challenge yourself.

Everyone at Geelomg Fitness is welcomed and surrounded by energetic and vibrant trainers, staff and Gym members. All sessions will suit any fitness ability and level, making it the ideal community spirited training facility.

Geelong Fitness is the place you arrive and feel you're a part of something special and leave with a smile….a happy sweaty smile.

Anthony "Hakka" Michalski

One of my first experiences of group fitness as a 20-something was a Gym Instructor, in front of a full class of people, loudly shouting at me via their headset mic: "You're not good enough to be in this class! Why don’t you just leave and try another one?!"

I’m normally a pretty confident guy, but this experience was enough for me to want to stay away from any type of Gym class for close to twenty years.

When I arrived for my first class at Geelong Fitness, I was nervous and uncertain, anticipating that things may be similar to my experience years earlier. I assumed that people would most likely be disinterested, and coaches would be harsh and judgmental.

Thankfully, and to my great surprise, being part of Geelong Fitness has been nothing but the opposite.

The community that Jase and Karen have grown has been fantastic for me, both physically and emotionally.

From my very first class, I’ve experienced first-hand, a community that is fully accepting of each person’s fitness level.
I’ve got to know a group of people that are enthusiastic, committed and encouraging and coaches that are attentive and supportive. Together these things create a community that is fun and fulfilling to be a part of.

I can't recommend Geelong Fitness highly enough.

Jono Broadbent